we are surrounded by words of becoming.



more courageous



more beautiful

In these words is an energy of additive - that in order to become, we must acquire, change, gather ingredients that are as of yet lacking.

And so we do. Until… we suddenly find ourselves with a desperate desire to strip it all away.

the striving. contorting. pretending. shapeshifting.

We recommit to a new kind of journey:


Sacred. Sensual. Wild. Soft. Tenacious. Nurturing. Spellbinding. Nothing short of a force of nature.

The beautiful thing about this becoming…

It doesn’t require forcing, pushing, or chasing anything outside of yourself. SHE isn’t out there. SHE is right… here.

With loving attention and nourishment, SHE unfolds as simply and elegantly as the petals of a flower. And this is the first step in noticing- and honoring the shit out of - your own unfolding.

(I said it. It’s necessary.)

The Invitation

For ten days, you’ll receive two things:

  1. A prompt. Whether a story, an archetypal fable, or a suggested practice, these will serve as the foundation for you to be sacred witness to your own becoming. You can use them to inspire your written exploration or, if you prefer, use another medium.

  2. A poem. I’ll be writing these as we go, inspired by my own becoming journey.

The possibilities are endless - what matters most is your willingness to peel back the layers and dig in to your own inner richness and wisdom.

We’ll explore topics like innocence, self-trust, initiation, sensuality — so grab your journal. I hope you are surprised and delighted by what gems you uncover.

Sharing your reflections or poetry on social media? Use the hashtag #becomingSHE so we can find and celebrate you.

You have questions, I know. Here are the answers.

I don’t have a ton of time to add new practices to my schedule… does this take a lot of time?

It takes as much time as you’d like. If you have two minutes to read the prompt and scribble down what comes to mind in response? That’s perfect. Twenty? Fun! Up to you.

I’m SO not a poet. Or even a writer. Is that ok?

These words are an avenue for you to take what’s swimming around in your being and process it enough to get something onto paper. It doesn’t have to be profound and especially doesn’t have to be perfect. Share if you want, keep it private if not!

What if I get halfway through and decide I don’t want to do it anymore?

I don’t think that will be the case but - if it is — you can unsubscribe at any time.

Can I share the prompts with friends?

Sure! The more the merrier.

I’m a dude. Can I still do this?

Hey, who am I to say no? Take it as an opportunity to explore your inner feminine, or explore your relationship with the feminine.

Happy writing all!