Hey, Friend - I'm Ankati. An INFJ who talks to the birds, a sound healing magician, a devotee of yoga, poet, mountain rambler and a bit of a neat freak. I'm also a Life Coach, ERYT-200, and Intuitive Energy Worker. Welcome to my heart.

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it's time you knew yourself better than anyone.

Are you loyal to your own heart, first and foremost?

Can you hear its wisdom and guidance in your dreams, your silent moments, your deepest longing?

In the darkness of late nights, wondering when you'll finally feel at home in your own being, what do you wish for?

If you're like most of us, you squeeze in ten minutes of "self-care" between the fifteen other things that clog up your day because there's a lot of Life in your Life. You find it difficult to hear your intuition. And you know you possess a deep wisdom, if only you could tune in.

You can read the books, listen to the podcasts, do The Work -- a LOT of work for many -- and still feel like there's something you just can't quite figure out. There's a missing piece. A hangup. A blindspot. Something keeping you from fully resting into your Self.

It's not that you're failing in your inquiry- it's that often, that Thing doesn't want to be found. It has served SOME purpose along the way - to protect you, to distract you, to help you navigate through difficulty or injury, or to endure when things get tough.

But it's not serving anymore.


I'll be your guide. Using what I call Insight Guidance paired with energy work and sound healing, we will unravel the complex knots. Ask the right questions. One-on-one attention and intuitive guidance gives your inquiry a depth that just can't be reached solo.

We can address...

  • Anxiety/stress imbalance 
  • Questioning and confusion around your path and purpose
  • A nagging sense that your current strategies aren't working anymore
  • Reconnecting to joy and opening to receive love
  • Longing for connection to Source
  • and so much more.


Sessions are...

  • 75-90 minutes long
  • In person local to Portsmouth, NH, or over Zoom.
  • $85 per session.

"Even in one conversation with Ankati, I experienced an incredible shift in perspective, and she gave me the courage to understand that my fear of disappointing people (my family, myself, my boss, etc.) was at the heart of my self-deception about my ability to simply keep on trucking through a work situation and lifestyle that was clearly not healthy for me.

She gave me the courage to take a leap into the unknown and squelch the Type A perfectionistic voice that favored consistency and normalcy over joy and peace.

My conversation with Ankati was another tipping point – the good, productive kind – and it had a resonating, reverberating, cascade effect on my life. She was a catalyst for big life changes. After not an immoderate amount of angst -(but this time the angst was coupled with a strong sense of rightness) – I decided to leave my job. My boyfriend had proposed, and we decided that we didn’t want to spend our first year of marriage in survival mode, the mode in which we tended to exist at our boarding school job.

We’re getting married in July and have decided to spend the year exploring what makes us each the most passionate, productive, contributing, happy individuals we can be.

I’m jumping into a three-week yoga immersion, something this daily fifteen-year runner wouldn’t have fathomed a year ago. I plan on spending the year writing, exploring, working, thinking, and rewiring my brain and body for a healthier, happier path. Ankati seemed to immediately understand me in the familiar way of the people who do know me best.


I’m thrilled and blessed to have taken this dive into a new life, and while it would be lie to say that I have no reservations at all, I can say, without reservation, that I know in my heart that this change is the right one. I wouldn’t be here without Ankati’s help." 

-Sarah (Hoffman) Olson, now of Hood River, Oregon


"Ankati is a force to be reckoned with.

She busts through your blocks and shines light through your walls, reaching your core to inspire transformation from your heart’s very center.

All while nurturing you and making you feel safe and protected.  Working with Ankati has inspired change in my life that I could not have anticipated.  Keep glowing, you magnificent Star."

-Rachel English, Squamish, BC