:: embodied living series :: 


What does it mean to be alive?

Really, really alive?

Your wellbeing journey goes deeper. Wider. Farther. 

Your practice. Your meditation. Your breathwork. Your daily rituals.

Your mind. Your body. Your spirit.

The layers are beginning to unfold.

And the next chapter begins here.

  • Vibrant wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit, sourced from within...
  • Grounding in your needs, desires, and rhythm...
  • Personal rituals and habits that support you, every day, in small and simple ways
  • A deep and holistic understanding of how your Yoga Asana practice supports your wellbeing, and how to cater your practice to your needs
  • Authentic connection with community
  • A guide and support on your journey

the 7 pillars of embodied living


Svadhyaya & Yamas // Personal Awareness and Reflection

Embodiment begins at the center: journeying into self-knowledge by exploring the emotional, mental, and spiritual landscapes within.  We will use the tools of meditation, written reflection and exploration, daily practices of connection to Self, and Purpose Work to lay the foundation for our series. This portion will span the entire course as an undercurrent of reflection and meditation.

Asana // Embodied Movement Practice

Informed by our needs and individual constitution, an embodied movement practice can free up stuck energy and assist in processing and moving through physical and emotional experiences of all flavors. We will ground our inquiry in Yoga Asana, but also discuss on an individual level if there are other movement or embodiment practices that can compliment the Asana. It is recommended to attend regular classes with me throughout this immersion to stay rooted in your own practice. You will receive personal guidance around how your practice can best support you as an individual. 

Niyamas & Community // Social and Relational Connection and Authenticity

Once we can relate to ourselves with truth and authenticity, we can practice bringing awareness and mindfulness into our social and relationship connections to build a community of healing and heart. We will explore communication that supports staying in connection with and honest about our own sense of Self, while being fully present and open to connection with another. These tools enrich our relationships on all levels and build a true sense of living authentically.

Earth Connection

We are embodied beings living in the context of Planet Earth. Its rhythms, its seasons, its smells and textures and sounds. By creating a deeper sense of grounding through earth-focused practices in our Yoga as well as personal work, we can ground our purpose, desires, and needs in the container of our earth. 

Saucha // Nourishing Food & Water

Food is yoga too, and our choices about what we eat and how we eat it are incredibly important to supporting our wellbeing. We will discuss simple ways to bring greater vitality and nourishment to our food choices and habits -- all dietary styles are welcome!

Deep and Dreaming Sleep

It may not seem that complicated, but not all sleep is created equal -- and yet it is SO important for our wellbeing. We will discuss sleep habits, ways to support deeper, more restful sleep, and practice Yoga Nidra.  

Ishvara Pranidhana // Relationship with the More Than Human Community

However you relate to your spirit -- The Universe, God, the Cosmos, Great Spirit, or even the subtle pulse of existence, having a sense that we aren't just in this all alone, in our human frailty, is deeply empowering. We will explore subtle ways we can weave this relationship into our Yoga, as well as all aspects of our life. All of our daily actions can be in connection if we imbue them with that intention.

The Details

  • Two group sessions per month,  October-February 
  • One 60 minute 1:1 session per month with Ankati focusing on the personal journey and practices
  • 4 recorded meditations for practice at home each month, as well as one Yoga Nidra recording.
  • Written guidance and focal points, provided by email, in the midpoint between our sessions each month.


  • October 7, 3:30-5:30pm & 22, 5-7pm
  • November 5, 5-7pm & 19, 5-7pm
  • December 2, 5-7pm
  • January 7 & 21, 5-7pm
  • February 4, 5-7pm
  • February 18, 5-7pm make up day for any sessions missed 

The Investment

  • $125 per month for four months. Alternative payment plans available upon request.
  • Additional 1:1 Sessions, including individual yoga instruction, are also available for $70 each.