Your ally on the path back home.


Hey there- I'm Ankati.

I believe...

We are designed to orient towards embodying our fullest expression of aliveness. And this is the journey of remembering how.

We often imagine that we are these disparate parts -- a human body that we walk around in, a mind that drives the whole equation, and a spirit/heart that gives us a deeper sense of purpose.

But the body is the gateway. The home. The container. And a vessel for welcoming the pleasure of Totality.

Remembering wholeness. Experiencing completely. Healing wounds, conquering fears, celebrating possibility. Embodiment is an invitation::

||to live IN your body, not against it. pain is not a way of life- it is a gateway to new heights.

||to integrate your joys, your struggles, your play, your exercise, your meditation, your intelligence, all of it into a celebrated and WHOLE being.

||and from that space, to access all that is available in this wild universe with pleasure, confidence, and clarity. 

I bring the tools of Yoga, sound and energy healing, and coaching to guide seekers on this road.

Join me for a class or workshop, or reach out for a 1:1 session to dive deeper into your embodied living experience.