sound + energy healing


healing comes from within...

And sometimes, we need to help the mind move out of the way. Allow the healing power of crystal singing bowls, sung mantra, and toning to be your healing allies to do the deep work... effortlessly. Resting into the harmonic vibrations and settling into a restful, meditative state, sound opens a pathway for rejuvenation and, in some cases, personal insight.

This is not just an auditory experience, like listening to music; it is a full-body sensory journey. The vibrations of each bowl and tone can be felt, observed, and support you in dropping out of the mind and into the body.

For some, it feels like an inner massage. For others? A deep meditation. It is unique to each person, and Ankati will attune the sound bath to the energies and experience present in the individual or group. The general consensus is it feels good. You will emerge feeling more balanced, in flow, and supported. 

Ankati’s beautiful voice complemented the powerful sounds of the singing bowls in a way that immediately took me somewhere else. There was no distraction, unlike what sometimes happens in guided meditation, or as I might have expected. When it was done, I wasn’t sure how long it had been because I had clearly been put into that place of deep relaxation, and yet still fully aware. While I’m sure it is different for everyone, I found it very balancing. The experience of the sound was profound as it happened, and my hands were vibrating even after it was over. I felt lighter, was relaxed and slept soundly, and above all the experience gave me clearer thinking and a joyful attitude.
— Ashley R.
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If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

What is Sound Healing?

The body is vibration. Our brains, our blood, our nervous system, even the vibrations of our thoughts. And our modern lives can quickly throw those vibrations out of sync, leaving us feeling off or, worse, ill -- physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Trying to understand and "fix" these imbalances with the mind can only go so far.

Sound healing has been used through the ages by many traditions. Toning, chanting, mantra, and sacred instruments have been integral in healing on every level, both in working with individuals and in community. Sound vibration has been used to guide people to heightened states of spiritual awakening, to connect to the earth, to come together in collective purpose and strength, and to heal the body.

Whatever healing or support you seek, whatever intention you bring, your sound journey will take you somewhere profound.

I have had the unique opportunities to experience Ankati’s sound healing both in a group setting and in a private one on one setting. Both were exceptionally relaxing and the combination of the crystal bowls and Ankati`s beautiful singing voice were a true gift. The intimacy of the personal session afforded the space for Ankati to provide her healing techniques directly to me as she was moved as the artist she is. As a result, the level of relaxation was one I had not experienced before through other effective techniques such as acupuncture and yoga nidra. The sense of feeling “held” and nurtured for an hour was nothing but wonderfully relaxing and healing. My wish is to send all whom I love to experience this heightened level of deep relaxation, healing and tranquility.
— Alison K.


$60 for 45 minutes of sound and energy healing.

$75 for 1 hour. Includes 15 minutes of Insight Guidance following your session. 

$95 for 75 minutes. Includes 15 minutes of Insight Guidance and individualized ritual recommendations following your session.