Hello? Soul, calling.

How exactly does one know the calling of the Soul?

Lo and behold, it’s a question that the seekers of our kind of wrestled with for centuries. The struggle between what our minds tell us, what society seems to suggest, and that wild calling that wakes us from dreams about tall mountain peaks and soaring birds with a driving call for…

Something. If only we could figure out what those dreams meant.

On the other side of the coin we see those who seem to have it figured out from childhood, when they were devotedly nursing puppies back to health or dismantling and rebuilding their parents’ furniture with an otherworldly level of skill.

Maybe you’re one of those lucky few.

I wasn’t.

I’ve lost track of how many career aspirations I’ve had along the way. How many lifestyles I’d ecstatically imagined were THE ONE, The Way I Was Meant To Be, only to have them shift in a year or two. And though at 34 I feel fairly confident I’ve gone through a lot of the biggest transformations, I have no doubt that there will be more.

Because that’s how the Soul keeps evolving. And we know that THAT is one thing that doesn’t stop until… well, who knows.

In the classic tale of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna gives it to Arjuna straight: “If you bring forth what is within you it will save you.” There is a sense of comfort in this statement - ah! I have it within me, this Gift that will save me and do good in the world!

But if I’ve learned anything from studying the greats, those artists and teachers and musicians and scholars who’ve created beauty and impact in the world, it’s this:

We have to devote ourselves to the hunt.

Unless you are one of the few who know what that Gift is from a very young age, who was blessed to have it nurtured by her family or his teachers, you’ve got to go on a tireless hunt to uncover what, precisely, that gift is.

Does that mean we won’t have days, weeks, months of being viciously distracted by seven HUNDRED other things that we could-might-should be exploring?

We will have them. Seven hundred at least.

The question is what we do with them.

Do we allow them to cast the deep shadow of doubt over our desires, direction, the TRUST that somewhere within us lies a value and beauty that only WE can bring into the world…

Or do we use those days as fuel for the fire of our commitment? Ok, yesterday I futzed around a lot and I feel SO unsatisfied. What does that tell me?

(There will be much futzing my friends).

Robert Frost thought he wanted to be a farmer. He bought a farm, and wouldn’t you know it, he… wrote poetry.

A diversion from his course? Maybe a little. But it showed him where he REALLY wanted to spend his energy.

And so, we search.

We plumb the depths of our hobbies, our pass-times, even the very things that tend to distract us to show us where our innermost light is shining through the buttonholes on our sweater. We gaze in the mirror with curious eyes, searching our expression from every angle we can find to see our own glory from a different light.

It might take a while to find.

You might meet MEGA resistance to actually pursuing that thing - and we’ll dive more into that, later.

This is the process of BECOMING.

BECOMING the soul you are meant to be.

BECOMING the light that shines bravely into the darkness.

BECOMING… you. Fully you.

Isn’t that something worth being devoted to, every day?


Join me this November on a journey to Costa Rica to uncover that Gift within. Return to the Sacred Heart will be a guided journey through yoga, group practices, inquiry, and meditation all in service of lifting you to your highest, most powerful expression.

Ankati Day