On being broken, wholeness, and confusing complexity.

It all comes back to embodiment.

I know it. I believe it. And I've watched it in transformative action over and over again.

When we become disconnected from our bodies -- by choice, by trauma, by wound, by simple distraction -- we lose our inner compass. Our intuition. The guidance that tells us what is nourishing and what is harmful -- and we feel confusion around our choices.

Food. Relationship. Sex. Career path. Lifestyle. Physical activity. It all becomes complex in ways that don’t make sense to our rational mind.

We lose touch with the primal being that craves connection, play, rest, pleasure, breath. We cloak ourselves in ideas of who we should be- ideas, mind you, rooted in a desire to be loved. We forget the immense joy of a moment spent only in presence, because we allow the beeps and demands of modern life to pull our attention in twenty directions at once.

It’s enough to make us think we don’t already know how to be whole.

For a long time, I thought I needed to constantly “work on myself”. But that’s another story.

Born into this life we are given a body. There is immense wisdom woven into every cell, muscle fiber, and blood vessel. That body is communicative and expressive in ways that science still can’t explain, and maybe never will...

But we feel it. And we can re-member how to access it again. We can re-member that we are already whole. And when we do, a joyful, pleasurable being becomes…


Because it starts here. In the body. In our cells lies the map to guide us home, to our most fulfilling and expansive way of being. The only way, really.

Getting too esoteric?


Let’s ground it.

From an embodied space, we can pause, tune in, and know what foods will be nourishing, and what foods cause our body distress -- on a major or subtle level. One glass of wine feels ok. Two? Too much tonight.

From an embodied space, we trust the gut instinct or intuition that tells us yes -- I want to spend more time with this person, or is hinting that the situation just isn’t a good fit long before we’ve become deeply entangled.

From an embodied space, we step into challenging conversation with confidence -- knowing that whatever our position, whatever the tension, we are coming to the table centered and ready to speak up for our needs. Because we know them.

From an embodied space, we know when we need to dance -- and when we need to sleep. And we listen to that guidance.

As an embodied being, we give ourselves permission to take up space.

To own our experiences. Our feelings. Our unique experience. Our needs.

Embodiment doesn't mean there isn't any pain. Or discomfort. In fact? Embodiment also means feeling into our shadows fully, and owning them too.

Then? No one can invalidate our desires and expression because they are grounded in our bones - they can disagree, and question, and together we can explore. Those experiences and feelings can change, and that doesn't make them any less true.

But with each breath, we take ownership over showing up whole. Experiencing fully. In messiness, in grace, in pleasure and in pain.

We are here. We are whole. And in this knowing, we can rest.