the pain body

We live in a pain paradigm.

A time when doctors and media and commerce tells we're in this free-fall state of decay: our skin, our bones, our teeth, our spines, our minds.

All of it, breaking down.

And at a certain point? It's true. As we age, our cells are slower to reproduce - meaning the body has a harder time keeping up with the daily damage of merely living.

But we take this fact, and we turn it into:

"I just have to live with pain."

Physical pain of the joints and muscles. Internal pain - poor digestion, chronic congestion, recurring infection. Nervous system pain - anxiety. Insomnia. Trouble concentrating.

Or emotional pain. Depression. Fear. Incessant worry. Crippling insecurity. Feeling of disconnection, disassociation.

Laid out like this... it sounds pretty messed up. Really? We're on this planet to suffer? In these bodies to decay?

We can choose differently.

It doesn't always mean ALL pain goes away. In fact, it's guaranteed that it never will. There will be new pains of the body, heart, and spirit. They will come, they will change, they will move to a new place.

Our work is to be an observer of this sensation. To fully *embody* it, in its totality- even when it sucks - so that we may learn what it is trying to show us.

To no longer be passive victims of whatever we might be feeling, and to dive in head-first. To let it show us how that shoulder pain is really, maybe...

The heart.

How that chronic congestion could be related to diet.

How that anxiety could be a sign that there need to be some shifts.

How fears around money can be related to digestion issues.

And around we go. There may be three links. Or thirty. Or really, if we get down to it? It's systemic.

One inner ecosystem. One integrated body. From there, we learn to thrive -- to move beyond this pain paradigm -- and allow this body to become an ecstatic expression of the cosmic dust that we are made of.

[Art: Gérard de Lairesse, "Anatomia Humani Corporis".]

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