Hello? Soul, calling.

How exactly does one know the calling of the Soul?

Lo and behold, it’s a question that the seekers of our kind of wrestled with for centuries. The struggle between what our minds tell us, what society seems to suggest, and that wild calling that wakes us from dreams about tall mountain peaks and soaring birds with a driving call for…

Something. If only we could figure out what those dreams meant.

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Ankati Day
it begins in circles: on listening.

The revolution began long before the marches, the posters, the walk-outs.

It began quietly. In unassuming voices, with cups of tea and sleeping children in the back bedroom. 

It began in circles. Circles of friends, of women, of men, strangers-no-more meeting one another's gaze with curiosity, trepidation, excitement. 

And in Circles, the revolution continues to gain momentum. Build strength. Dig deep roots.

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pause & feel

"But what does that feel like?"

I'm pretty sure the first time someone asked me that, I experienced a complete failure of vocabulary to accurately assess -- and explain -- my inner experience. 

"What do you mean, what does that feel like? It feels like... sensation?"

Trying to "tune in" felt like moving closer to a static-ridden television screen in hopes of seeing... something. Maybe it's like Magic Eye? Nope, just noise.

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meditationAnkati Day
the order of things

This is how I know my place in the order of things.

There are new trees fallen across the path, their needles and leaves still holding tightly despite the wild rush to the forest floor. I knew them in their days of grandeur, hugging the edges of this winding trail. The narrow streambed has come alive with what remains of the downpour, and the forest floor bears the signs of leaves and needles pushed aside as the rush of water surged to find its resting place in the marsh.

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