the upgrade

Sometimes, the system needs to reboot. Upgrade. // Relationship is the greatest - and often the most challenging - mirror and avenue for growth. In it, I have met my most beautiful bliss as well as my deepest shadows. Wounds I had hoped to never see again, brought forth by interactions with my partner to be healed through the fire of our togetherness.

fire dance.jpg

And I do mean fire.

This is a journey of peeling off the layers of mask, ways in which I imagined myself to "be like that", labels and stories I have been sitting in for so long, unknowingly or not -- they have been barriers to truth. To truly, fully, openly surrendering into the depths of my *own* truth first, and then, to the truth of love.

The deepest and most intimate expression of love will stand for no masks, no walls, no pretending who we are -- or who we aren't. Together we crash into the walls, and then dismantle them. We tear off the masks and tend the vulnerable flesh waiting beneath. We hold each other in our unfolding and undoing, sometimes in presence, and sometimes by providing the space for our own private reckoning.

And when we return to one another, we meet in a new Togetherness. An upgraded Us-ness. Our steps, our expression, our loving are different.

There will be another Upgrade. There will be more masks, and more walls to dismantle. This is the journey. But I am grateful for this dance, this mirror, and this deep growth. This Love is no Disney fairytale..

This is real. And this is the journey to Truth.