In service of what?


This question has become a guidepost for me as I deepen into my movement practices, daily rituals and habits, and relational practices. What does this choice or habit ultimately serve? It is no longer enough for me to answer that this or that book, or this wise teacher, says so-- I am desirous to know the experience that a given movement or ritual offers, and how that serves or inhibits my full embodied living.

That doesn't always mean it's pleasurable, cozy, fun.

But it's of service, in some way that I am in relationship with. How does this backbend make me feel? How am I experiencing this interaction, or this particular way of meditating? Is it resonant, or am I resisting? And where is that pointing me?

If a habit or ritual or pose doesn't come from my heart, but rather a place of "should".... I've noticed it generally falls flat. Feels rote. I am disconnected.

I am coming to believe more and more that this is the only path to truly personal embodied living. Our teachers are amazing guides... but what we do with their guidance is up to us. And it will be far more beneficial if we regard it all as a relational, experiential, non-linear exploration deeper in.