on holding space for love & healing

The words pierce deep into my belly
So exhausted.
She wrestles with the weight of all that life asks of her
And I feel the familiar reflex
To lift it from her shoulders
Wet clothes that hang heavy from tired limbs
Kiss her tired eyelids with stars and warm broth
Tell her to rest, that I will take care of it.

But we both know that I cannot.

We stand and hold one another
Forehead to forehead
Eyes closed in a silent honoring of all that we trust
All that we cannot even grasp at knowing
All that we have clung to
That has slipped away like hummingbirds at nightfall
And gone

I know she is living on many planes
And that the colorful threads I weave with words
And story
To concoct my image of all she is
Cannot touch the spaciousness that of
All She Is

And when I try to take, to carry, to fix
I rend her sacred geometry
Upset her private dance with gravity
And Space
No matter how delicately I tread

And so I sit and smile at her whirling skirts
Arms outstretched
And I offer her my trust.

I am here when you need me, 
I whisper.
And I believe in you. 

poetryAnkati Day