my old friend, fear

At the edge of the water, I found her sitting
My old friend, Fear.
Startled, she turned her head
And her tired eyes looked pleadingly into mine
Porcelain skin streaked with salty tears,
Her body softened
To see it was me.

She turned to stare at the churning froth
Gulls squabbling about something or other
A boat sounds somewhere beyond the horizon.

'It's terrifying.'
The words slide between her cracked lips
With barely enough breath to awaken
Her vocal chords.

'I know.'
I join her
Staring out at the horizon
Chin resting on my knees
As I huddle on the edge of a jagged rock.

'There could be monsters. There most certainly is pain. And sadness. There might be drowning, or heartbreak, maybe a storm that gets us lost for days. What if someone lies about how to get home, and we never come back here? To this beach?'

A cloud curtsied
And made way for the brightest sun
To strike warmth into her pale cheeks

A fish jumped

And the boat sounded again

'Then we shall be on an adventure, I suppose. We shall see new things. Our hearts will have to grow bigger. When we fall, we will pick ourselves back up, eventually. And who knows.

Maybe there's some magic out there.'

I slid my toes into the sand
And noticed that the waves
Had carried away my shoes

I took her hand, and we started walking.