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Discover: Soundbath Journey at Yogasmith DOVER

  • Yogasmith Webb Place Dover, NH, 03820 United States (map)

Everything is vibration - our bodies, our thoughts, and the world around us - and we are at our best when we are in alignment, attuned to our own highest vibration. Join us for an evening of creating vibrational healing led by Ankati Day. Using song and crystal singing bowls, Ankati will invite you into a deep state of relaxation to clear and restore your energy.

Sound healing is the use of physical sound vibrations (crystal bowls and voice) for therapeutic benefit. Crystal Singing Bowls specifically connect to the crystalline cells/structures in our physical body and vibrate out into our energetic body, our Chakra systems. This can help one go deeper into an Theta state of deep meditation and healing.

“Ankati’s beautiful voice complemented the powerful sounds of the singing bowls in a way that immediately took me somewhere else. There was no distraction, unlike what sometimes happens in guided meditation, or as I might have expected. When it was done, I wasn’t sure how long it had been because I had clearly been put into that place of deep relaxation, and yet still fully aware. While I’m sure it is different for everyone, I found it very balancing. The experience of the sound was profound as it happened, and my hands were vibrating even after it was over. I felt lighter, was relaxed and slept soundly, and above all the experience gave me clearer thinking and a joyful attitude.”

— Ashley R.

Cost: $25

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