sound healing

45 MINUTES $65

healing comes from within...

And sometimes, we need to help the mind move out of the way. Allow the healing power of crystal singing bowls, sung mantra, and toning to be your healing allies to do the deep work... effortlessly. Resting into the harmonic vibrations and settling into a restful, meditative state, sound opens a pathway for rejuvenation and, in some cases, personal insight.

This is not just an auditory experience, like listening to music; it is a full-body sensory journey. The vibrations of each bowl and tone can be felt, observed, and support you in dropping out of the mind and into the body.

For some, it feels like an inner massage. For others? A deep meditation. It is unique to each person, and Ankati will attune the sound bath to the energies and experience present in the individual or group. The general consensus is it feels good. You will emerge feeling more balanced, in flow, and supported. 


insight energy work

60 MINUTES $75 • 75 MINUTES $90

My intuitive insight has long been a gift that I have used to support my own wellbeing and journey, as well as those closest to me. Together, we will connect to your guides and the support of the Divine to examine and shift energetic blocks and bring awareness to what you need to know. I believe this is a collaborative experience, and may ask you to support your own transformation through visualizations or physical motions during our session. Each energy work session is different - it depends on you, and what you need at this moment in your evolution.


private yoga instruction

60 MINUTES $75 • 90 MINUTES $115

There often comes a point in a yogi’s journey where private instruction can be supportive. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or chronic physical challenge, you wish to deepen your knowledge of a specific aspect of your practice, or perhaps you’d like to strengthen your foundations, a one-on-one session can give you the opportunity to understand your body and your practice in a new way.

Optional: Have a personalized practice video created for your home use following 2 or more private sessions to allow me to really understand your needs and desires.



For booking or information:

Because of the personalized nature of each session, it is best if you contact me with a description of your needs or desires!