“Ankati’s beautiful voice complemented the powerful sounds of the singing bowls in a way that immediately took me somewhere else. There was no distraction, unlike what sometimes happens in guided meditation, or as I might have expected. When it was done, I wasn’t sure how long it had been because I had clearly been put into that place of deep relaxation, and yet still fully aware. While I’m sure it is different for everyone, I found it very balancing. The experience of the sound was profound as it happened, and my hands were vibrating even after it was over. I felt lighter, was relaxed and slept soundly, and above all the experience gave me clearer thinking and a joyful attitude.”
— Ashley R., Massachusetts

I’m feeling great about myself for just creating this space.
And yes, you are super sweet and I love that term of endearment but you’re so much more than sweet. You are sta-rong, my friend, and it’s never been more apparent.

Simply put, I love you. Thank you for following your Yes and helping others to find their own way there. Thank you!

— – Katt Ahlstrom, Founder & Owner of Canvas Studios , Montana

Ankati was amazing to work with. This was an amazing conversation with my very being. I heard my soul speak to me.

I heard the universe gently remind me that she has my back and if I let her in she can do so much more. She really listened to my heart song.

She listened and then responded with questions that opened doors that allowed me to look in, echo into, and then step forward in. This was an amazing conversations with my very being. I heard my soul speak to me. I heard the universe gently remind me that she has my back and if I let her in she can do so much more. She is amazingly intuitive and lovingly connected. Thank you! My Heart center, thanks you!
— Jennifer Benjamin, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner. www.heartcenterstudio.com

There are people we encounter in life who are powerful energetic magnets because they are so in alignment with who they are and what they’re about: Ankati is one of them.

Amidst the noise we’re surrounded with in the online world, Ankati’s take on living a perfectly imperfect life is such a beacon of light to those courageous souls willing to step up and co-create this experience with the Universe. She communicates her message with clarity and with big, big heart, and more importantly, she walks the walk as she shares how she is able to return again and again to a space of compassion in all that she does in her own life and work.

My soul feels so much BRIGHTER every time I connect with her, and I’m ridiculously grateful the Universe nudged me toward this beautiful spirit and her amazing gifts.
— Sabrina B, Los Angeles, CA

The decision to sign up for YTT at Barre & Soul was one of the best decisions I have ever made (and there have been a lot of decisions made in 51 years). It has been a life-changer.

Would I do [yoga teacher training] all over again? In a word: YES! I am seriously sad that it’s nearing an end. The bond that we made with each other as students, the bond and admiration we have with and for our teacher...it’s almost indescribable. I knew that it would be a unique experience, I anticipated a challenge. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that it would have literally changed my life on and off the mat. I am a better version of myself.

Ankati is nothing less than amazing and we feel so blessed to have been her students.
— Andrea, Eliot, ME

I have had the unique opportunities to experience Ankati’s sound healing both in a group setting and in a private one on one setting. Both were exceptionally relaxing and the combination of the crystal bowls and Ankati`s beautiful singing voice were a true gift. The intimacy of the personal session afforded the space for Ankati to provide her healing techniques directly to me as she was moved as the artist she is. As a result, the level of relaxation was one I had not experienced before through other effective techniques such as acupuncture and yoga nidra. The sense of feeling “held” and nurtured for an hour was nothing but wonderfully relaxing and healing. My wish is to send all whom I love to experience this heightened level of deep relaxation, healing and tranquility.
— Allison K, Amesbury, MA